We all have dreams and goals. Whether you’re saving for a down payment for a house, a new car or a comfortable retirement, a solid plan will help you get there. We want you to strive for the best. And, we’re here to help. Let’s get started.

Set up automatic deposits into a savings account

Designate a percentage of your paycheck to be automatically deposited into a high interest savings account each month and watch the power of compounding interest. Check out our Instant Access Savings account.

Use a free checking account that pays

Start using a Dividend Rewards Checking account that not only eliminates monthly balance fees, but pays you back in the form of monthly dividends and ATM rebates.*

Keep an eye on your balance

Download our mobile app and monitor your daily expenses. Trips to the coffee shop, the deli and weekend movies can really add up. You’re sure to find ways to lower your spending and increase your savings.

Open a certificate of deposit

Nest your money in a certificate if you don’t need access to it for a while. Your money will be safe and certificates pay higher rates than traditional savings accounts.**

Meet with your financial representative

Life changes. So, your savings plan needs to change from time to time too. Meet with an expert to review your current savings plan and put strategies in place to help your savings grow. Schedule a savings review today.

*Qualifications per monthly cycle are 12 debit card purchases, one direct deposit or ACH withdrawal and receipt of electronic statements. Qualifying transactions must post to the account prior to the last day of the month. Debit card purchases can take up to 3 days to post and are dependent on merchant processing times. Fees charged at U.S. ATMs will be refunded if account qualifications are met for the monthly cycle the fee was charged in.**Minimum $500 opening balance is required for certificates.