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Now that you have your new vehicle, rest assured we’ve got you covered with painless payment options for your loan. We’re here to help so you can enjoy the road ahead.

Your Payment

From another financial institution to First Tech:

Automatic Payments
You can set up automatic payments each month from your current bank or credit union. You’ll need your First Tech loan account number, First Tech’s routing number, payment due date and First Tech’s address for loan payments (see below).

Pay by mail
If you're set up for coupons, please look out for your coupon book to arrive within the next few weeks. When you pay by mail, please include your loan account number on each check and mail it to:

First Tech Federal Credit Union
Attn: Consumer Loan Payments
PO Box 4317
Portland, OR 97208-4317

From a First Tech checking or savings account to your loan:

If you’re not already signed up for Online Banking with First Tech, getting started is simple. Enroll here then you’ll have a First Tech branch at the click of a button. It's convenient, fast and secure. Then, set up your automatic transfer between First Tech accounts. Learn more.

If you'd like to transfer money from another financial institution using First Tech’s mobile banking, just follow these instructions.

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