Please use this page as a resource for all BillPay and eBill items.

The differences between BillPay and eBills:
eBills is a feature you can activate within BillPay. They are electronic versions of paper bills. Once set up, an eBill arrives from a biller into Online Banking’s BillPay section, the same way a paper bill arrives from a biller into your mailbox. It makes paying bills even easier. You can view all your eBills and statement information in one convenient place. You can also set up email notifications to alert you when a new eBill arrives.

Please Note:
You won’t be able to access BillPay on July 28. Payments already scheduled during this time will still process. Your BillPay history will be loaded to the new system on August 5.

Action Recommended:
BillPay information is projected to transfer seamlessly to the new Online Banking, however best practices recommend that you document your current payee information so you can easily confirm accuracy once the new system is live.

What will transfer to the new Online Banking:

  • BillPay Information
  • Payees
  • Payee Addresses
  • Account numbers
  • Scheduled Payments

The need to cancel eBills:
Unfortunately, eBills involves registration of your unique payee credentials with the specific merchants which cannot be automatically transferred.

Canceling eBills:
Once the new Online Banking is live you will need to reestablish your eBills. Some payees require that the prior eBill be canceled before a second eBill is established. We will cancel eBills for you on August 8. However if you’d like to be able to reestablish your eBills earlier you can cancel your eBills in the current Online Banking.

  • Log into Online Banking
  • Click the Quick Link “Pay Bills,” located on the left-hand side of the Account Summary screen.
  • Locate your payee
  • Select the "eBills" link
  • Select "Cancel eBills"
  • Confirm you want to Stop ebills.

Reestablishing eBills:
Reestablishing an eBill can be done through the BillPay widget. Watch our video.

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Click the “Bill Pay” button
  • Select the eBills tab
  • Select the Payee
  • Click the “Set Up eBills” button
  • Enter your login or other requested information for that particular Payee
If the eBill setup is successful you will receive a “Setup is complete” message.

What happens if you didn’t cancel your eBills before conversion?:
If you were not able to cancel the eBills, we will take care of that for you. As a reminder an eBill is when you have your monthly statements sent directly to BillPay.

  • Since we are not able to migrate eBills from one vendor to another all eBills set up in the old Online Banking needed to be canceled
  • eBills that were not canceled before conversion, will be canceled by First Tech
  • It may take one to two billing cycles for the cancellation to process on the merchant’s side
    • During this time, you can pay your bills manually through BillPay
  • Once the merchant processes the cancelation you may reestablish your eBill

eBills that will not be available in the new Online Banking:

  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Xcel Energy
  • JCPenney Credit Card
  • Lowe's Consumer Credit Card
  • GAP
  • Old Navy
  • Banana Republic
  • Chevron
  • Sam's Club
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Snohomish County PUD #1 WA
  • AAA N. CA, NV & UT
  • Waste Connections